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Anaheim is one of the most densely occupied locations in California. This highly urbanized city boasts of an active nightlife, complete with parties and club visits. Theme parks and other tourist attractions work to create a massive influx of visitors on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Anaheim also has some really high rates of drug and alcohol abuse in the country.  Our Addiction Rehab has helped quite a few Anaheim residents overcome their addiction and lead healthy lives.

All-round Care for Drug Addiction Recovery

Our Addiction Rehab offers all-inclusive care for drug addicted individuals helping them attain complete, long term recovery. Our physicians tackle both the physical treatment requirements of the patients as well as the psychological factors that cause addiction. This helps us encourage effective healing that lasts a life time. Therapy sessions are offered to family members of the patient as well which helps them adds to the recovery process so that the patient gets the support he/ she needs to conquer addiction quickly.

Assistance in the Intervention Stage

At Our Addiction Rehab, we will back you right from the intervention stage. Our experts will talk to you about the different factors you should consider to stage successful interventions. They will also prepare you on the way in which you should present your plan to the addicted individual. A few of the aspects we guide you with during interventions include:

  • Finding the appropriate time for intervening
  • Maintaining a non-judgmental approach
  • Presenting a cohesive face to the patient
  • Presenting facts in denial way that encourages the person to surpass denial, which is very common in addicts

Detox That is Safe

At our well equipped treatment facility we help Anaheim patients undergo detox, the very first step in drug addiction treatment. This is a tough time for the patients as well as the families involved, particularly owing to the withdrawal symptoms which can be challenging to overcome. In some addicts, these symptoms may be severe, necessitating emergency medical care. Such patients are usually treated at the in- patient detox center so that immediate access to top notch medical equipment as well as highly trained medical staff is available round the clock. We also provide out- patient detox.

Treatment Aimed at Permanent Recovery

Post detox, our patients are entered into a treatment or rehab program. At Our Addiction Rehab we offer customized treatment plans for each of our patients so that their individual vulnerabilities are addressed efficiently. Our physicians carry out a thorough appraisal of the patient’s physical and mental health before coming up with a treatment regimen that addresses his/ her requirements in particular. Therapy sessions are an essential part of these drug addiction treatment plans.

After- care Services

Once finishing at rehab the patient is ready to reclaim his/ her place in society. However, this could also bring the individual face to face with triggers that sparked the addiction in the first place. Our after- care services, help the patient tackle this daily contact with triggers without succumbing to the desires once again. Emotional support and programs to keep your motivation up, and professional help all come together here to help the addict stay addiction free for life. Call us today for more information.